Say ‘No’ to ragging

The history of ragging is not new in Jahangirnagar University. We see this news via online medias everyday. Many students had been expelled  in the past for this. And there is also the history of not being admitted into this varsity for this reason. Now a days, this theme is being talked by the welfare of social media.

Professor Dr. Farjana Islam is  famous for rising her voice for freedom and women empowerment. She achieved the pride of being the first lady vice-chancellor in Bangladesh and created the history for being elected in the vice-chancellor panel election in the famous educational institute such Jahangirnagar University is.

In her words, Women are creating their vital sign in every sector. Today’s women are Prime minister, speaker, Vice-chancellor and where not. They are capable for the professions like doctor, engineer, media also. Women are privileged toady.

Women are making their own place in everywhere by proving their talent, quality and capability. Beside Govt. or private sectors, they are putting their foot print on mountains also. Dr. Farjana Islam is one of these women.

We had a talk to her about the ragging of Jahangirnagar University.

Me: Madam you know that the history of ragging is not new in Jahangirnagar University. The charges of physical and mental torture is not only against the boys but against the girls also. There few girls students are also attached with this crime. As the  ex head of sexual harassment cell, you are must known about this matter. Many want to see ragging as the visitants with the freshers. But the reality is opposite. This is not expected in the big institute like Jahangirnagar University. This is a very often picture in Jahangirnagar university. Sometimes it be published in media and sometimes not. Doesn’t it hamper our goodwill?

Professor Dr. Farjana Islam: You know we have taken many steps against this crime activities. We have ruled to expel  the students attached with this activities. They will be punished strictly for this.

Me: Madam you expelled three students in number for this activity. It was a very good step no doubt. Though there are some arguments about the punishment period but your this step was really praiseworthy.

Professor Dr. Farjana Islam: I consider this matter with zero tolerance. So I want to work for it and establish an exam against it. I hope Jagangirnagar University will recover it’s past tradition and the good atmosphere.


Content: Belal H Rahat

Translated by: Milky Reza


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