Ten minutes’ jam turns into the jam of at least thirty minutes.

In the rainy season these holes cover with rain water and caused many accidents which are taken for granted now a days.

Whatever the destination is, the starting and the ending both goes trough struggle. Particularly their sufferings knows no bounds  who use public trasport for office . And the people who come outside for special purposes  are to discover a new look of highroad each time. Particularly they who travel regularly from Mirpur, have  to face troubles. Like as , they have to wait at Mirpur 12 cause all vehicles take u turn from there.

Even after getting into bus from here in some way ,they have to wait in signal for five minutes instead of one minute.And then ten minutes jam after the three minutes way.The jam taking place infront of Purobi got different names in different times but at the end of the day there found no fundamental change.There were many garments there so once upon a time jam were common fact for the over pressure of garments workers.Then for  taking u turn of the bus , the ten minutes jam turns into thirty or forty five minutes jam. After  stopping u turn the problem was minimized but recently it returns again for the activities of metro rail.And also even the next Mirpur ten has the same problem.

Mirpur ten means at least one hour jam.Missing the bus many people  are to move to Mirpur 12 stoppage in order to get into the bus easily. The everyday sufferings of the people from Kajipara,sheorapara are unbearable.The road development activities caused  many new holes taking place everyday in the mid road.In the rainy season these holes cover with rain water and caused many accidents which are taken for granted now a days.And for the broken roads we need to face the dust problem which is a threat for our health.

But we should appreciate  the patience of the people of these area.And we also hope that this sufferings will come to an end after finishing the works of metro rail.But some people also put some doubt.They thinks their will create an another problem after this.Not only Mirpur,the other areas of Dhaka also have this same problem.The females are to face a lots of troubles for this traffic problem.So stopping the unnecessary signals and increasing the public transports  may the main solution of this problem.


Sanjida Ansary




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