The under area of costly flyover is covered by dust

Thursday evening is the time to ring the holiday bell.The next morning is the holiday morning.Its Friday morning.This is the only day to be released from the exhausted week long activities.Different people enjoy holiday in different ways.Some plan to meet family members and relatives and some to travel the natural areas like as mountains,rivers,sea beach or jungles to find the real fondle.

In such a holiday we three also started  just this kind of a trip to collect natural knowledges.Our bus started at 7.45  for Gopalgong from Dhaka Gulistan.When the bus was passing the Jatrabari meor Hanif flyover ,the memories of class five reminds in my mind.In our text there were a lesson about Mohakhali flyover.That time there were very few flyovers on Dhaka city.

The lesson was about the lenth,width ,height of the flyover.This flyover had built spending crors of money for minimizing the misusing of time and developing the lifestyle.But the whole area just under the flyover is covered with dust which spreading bad smell and germs.This situation not only harmful for environment but also a threat for human health.A passenger in our bus was uttering like-‘’Government spent a lots of money behind the flyover but its  beauty is not assured yet.Not only that, cleaning is the responsibilities of city corporation but it be not properly done.’’Common people also paying tax for that.

Not only dust, there built many small tea stalls even in the unhealthy place.People from many where use to drink tea from there.Some also finish their tiffin  also.These small tea stalls are essential for many people, so why not these kinds of tea stalls covers all the place instead of dust?By this many small businessman can earn along with increasing the beauty of the flyover area. So the authority can think this way.


Sanjida Ansary

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